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If times are changing, it's time to change

So the engineering market in Queensland is extremely harsh at the moment, the big companies are finding it hard, and fighting for much smaller budget projects. Everybody is down sizing. Those that react too late, or don't adapt go under, it's that simple.

So what do you do?

Well we have chosen to diversify and engage technology in our future, and I don't mean the latest software, either. Project management isn't about software, it's about understanding the mechanics of a project, what makes it tick and how to fix it when it's broken.

Whilst software is important, it is not essential. A good project manager won't need it. It may make life easier, but also it can make it hard unless you understand the software... So not only do you have to understand the project but also how the reporting of software works, which of course means the potential for more errors.

NCPE like it simple, functional and effective. That's why we have invested in professional drones, for project reporting and inspections. They say "a picture paints a thousand words". These will help us to provide real progress reporting not just a number estimated or fabricated making unrealistic claims.

In addition we have decided to move the business to Townsville. 15% unemployment. You probably think that we're mad, maybe we are. Engineering goes in peaks and troughs, so we figure that if we place ourselves here, things will pick up, hopefully, and the economy will once again bloom, particularly now spring is here.

There are exciting times ahead in Townsville and North Queensland, something that we want to be part of. We want to be in the right place at the right time.

We are proud to call Townsville the home of NCPE.

We'll keep you posted with updates.

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