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Nicole Hansen

Nicole is the Senior Business Partner for HR & Recruitment activities in the NCPE Townsville office, reviewing and carefully selecting the right candidates for the job positions available in Australia every day, covering a wide range of industries including mining, engineering, construction, management, and general labour hire.

A conscientious and meticulous individual who enjoys her work and striving to achieve  the best standards both personally and for NCPE. This includes sourcing of training and education requirements. Nicole is currently studying a Master degree in Human Resource Management at Griffith University.


Working closely with the companies senior management to ensure that best current practice is adopted in the business model. Nicole also reviews all the project management documents for compliance both internally and with client document management systems.


Possessing a strong Human Resources knowledge through her varied and challenging past work experience. Proactive and conscientious worker committed to providing service excellence with the view to achieving both personal and organizational goals.  Extremely organized and efficient when being challenged or working under pressure in demanding situations.  Proactive in seeking new experiences and learning opportunities.  I am adaptable and receptive to changing environments and have the ability to enthuse others to embrace opportunities as a means of continuous improvement.  Proactive commitment to success via strong team building.  Reliable, trustworthy and discreet Team player.


Having worked FIFO & office based positions spanning over twenty years, and covering everything from site administration to HR development & recruitment in the construction, oil & gas, CSG/LNG, mining and Government sectors.


Extensive experience of working in PNG & Solomon Islands.

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