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Simon Barron

An Aeronautical engineer by trade, specializing in quality management systems.Substantial experience has been gained in the organisation, management and Quality control of construction businesses, divisions and projects, with extensive experience knowledge of all stages of project development in hard dollar and D&C project delivery. Specializing in LNG and Mine site infrastructure covering all disciplines within construction. SMP, Electrical and instrumentation, Civil as well as Pre commissioning / Commissioning.


Consultant for quality management systems, and Lead Auditor requirements, with over 800 Audits carried out advised on and facilitated.Business management and project delivery knowledge is complimented with commercial management expertise and I have managed, developed and grown construction and maintenance businesses, with full P&L responsibility throughout my career.A leader who understands individual team members capabilities, offering them autonomy and accountability in their allocated roles whilst providing support to achieve deliverables. I am outcome focused and have high expectations from my team, setting clear targets whilst promoting open communication and coaching where needed; resulting in a collaborative and cohesive working environment that achieves goals.


A trusted authority on successful and profitable Quality project delivery with exceptional relationship management skills, instilling trust and respect from clients, stakeholders, sub-contractors, colleagues and my employers. I have comprehensive knowledge of commercial risk and project delivery processes enabling me to make sound decisions, achieving results.


Significant experience encompassing all levels of the construction industry, Project management, Construction supervision, project delivery and commissioning / Certification.






QA/QC & Engineering

  • Interpreting client specific standards

  • Quality management plan development, implementation, Auditing

  • Enforcing relevant Standards; Australian and InternationalImplementation & technical assistance of engineering design

  • Construction, Turnover/Completions, & Commissioning

  • Compliance of QA/QC; ISO 9001

  • Implementation of quality management plans

  • Generation of quality control document; ITP/ FIC/ ITRs etc

  • Development of Work Packages, Work Methodologies

  • Development and implementation of Test Packs

  • Correlation of MDR

  • Document Control



Subcontractor / Client Management

  • Interaction / Relationship building with both client and subcontractors

  • Engagement of subcontractors; supply/fabricate/labour

  • Quality control of subcontractor

  • Schedule/KPI monitoring



Welding Quality Control

  • Welding Team Co-ordination

  • Compliance; WPS & PQR

  • Compliance; Welder Qualification WPQR & Welder’s Matrix

  • Implementation; ASME IX, B31.3, AS4458, AS3992, AS2885, and AS1554.1

  • Welding Consumables Control / Materials Management

  • NDE / NDT Implementation

  • Welding Traceability


Commercial Assistance

  • Contractual awareness

  • Documenting of evidence for EOT & Scope Variation

  • Cost control / Budget forecast / Progress claims / Estimating


Area Supervision

  • Delegation of Work Fronts Personnel

  • Permits / JHS / SWMS / Risk Analysis / Pre-starts

  • Employee interviews / performance reviews


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