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Nunn Consulting and Project Engineering – “we deliver value for you”


The business offers services and supporting mechanisms to companies/ industries that typically do not have the engineering & project management expertise in-house to call on when required. These might include manufacturing, production or process orientated organisations.


There are many instances where work is undertaken by companies who may engage contractors to perform works that rely on their honesty in the services and quality of product provided. It is all too easy for contractors to be “economic” with the information provided to the client.


Why should you as a client be the one at risk when you place not only significant amounts of capital and maintenance funding into a project only to find that corners have been cut, quality compromised and potentially not get what you paid for?


Where does it all go wrong?

Typically at the start, the success of a project is usually governed by the up-front work carried to establish what is actually required. Typically a client has an idea of what they would like to achieve, but is it what they actually need? If you get it wrong here then it can be a very painful and expensive exercise to correct.


The further you get into a project and have to start changing things, the more expensive it gets.


As the client you rely on others to provide advice on all manner of things.


When design companies are engaged you rely on their integrity to provide you with a cost effective solution, but how do you know you get the best advice? Usually design companies operate out of offices, spend minimal time on site and do not necessarily consider how to build things.


Usually what the client is left with are projects that go over budget, with little if any supporting justification and left having to pay over the odds to resolve issues that should never have been allowed to manifest in the first place.


How often are the progress reports lacking in detail, ambiguous or just incorrectly reported?


When a project is done correctly the designer should set a “design freeze” date after which no changes will be made, unless essential. It should be set so that the design house are accountable for anything which they have missed. Do you enforce this? If you don’t then you are exposing your company to costs you should not have to pay.


Do you set appropriate KPI’s and hold people/ companies accountable?


If you have ever experienced any of the above then you will appreciate how I believe NCPE can assist you to get what you require rather than being told this is what you need or what you will get.


What can be done to minimise client exposure to risk?


What NCPE is set up to do is to help minimise the client’s exposure to risk.


  • Risk management mitigation for business & personnel safety throughout the project life cycle

  • Construction safety reviews of proposed methodologies, such as JHA, SWMS, permit systems, isolations etc.

  • Feasibility studies

  • HAZOP studies/ HAZOP 1-5 facilitation

  • Design & construction methodology review facilitation

  • Clarification of standards interpretation

  • AS/ NZ standards compliance/ verification sign-off for proposed designs (RPEQ)

  • ISO 9001 compliance for QA/QC guidance

  • Cathodic protection systems

  • Government compliance submissions

  • Construction methodologies and best construction practices, including activities such as full “in-house” welding suitability and compliance

  • Certified coating inspection service for all surface protection

  • Construction & engineering problem solving

  • Project management overview to ensure what is being proposed is efficient and cost effective

  • Safety and environment are top priority

  • System reviews – including QA systems management, construction management (systems & methodology), document control systems, generation of QC documents e.g. ITP’s/ FIC’s/ ITR’s

  • Planning & scheduling review for project implementation, including critical path analysis, contingency strategies

  • Contractor levels of resourcing to ensure they provide adequate manning to achieve the set and agreed deadlines

  • Development of safety documentation e.g. high risk activities such as working at heights, confined space entry, excavations

  • Variation management. Many contractors are mainly concerned with getting the contract, knowing full well the client’s weakness is lack of technical expertise. This is where we can act on your behalf and ensure variations are minimised

  • Project progress reporting. This is essential to get right and monitor. We can set the level of detail we believe a contractor should be supplying you as the client.

  • Project cost control/ budget forecast/ progress claims/ estimating

  • Project mechanical & practical completions

  • Project MDR & handover requirements

  • Maintenance requirements, including maintenance scheduling and strategies

  • In addition we can also provide HR guidance, specialising in recruitment

  • NCPE will ensure people / contractors are held accountable for their actions

  • Project recovery – not all projects run smoothly and sometimes they can get out of control. NCPE can offer assistance and guidance as to how to get back on track, and offer recovery solutions to achieve a successful outcome. These might include schedule review and project consolidation (condense the schedule) to multi-task the construction activities to achieve delivery.

  • Team integration - NCPE has access to seasoned professionals who can potentially assist with the project delivery with the contractor.

  • Provide Systems Control  and project readiness – NCPE can review your existing systems and assess their suitability for project delivery. NCPE can provide systems guidance, generate document systems for utilisation during project delivery. If you also need assistance with adminitering your system, we can help here too. NCPE focus on continous improvement to the customers benefit.


We are able to oversee all aspects of the project life cycle:


Disciplines covered

Civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical & instrumentation


Project aspects covered

Design reviews, scheduling, constructability reviews, QA systems reviews, auditing, levels of resources being applied, best construction practice, green field & brown field construction, hazardous area production facilities, Australian Corrosion Association certification, generation of procedures (including welding codes) and compliance, project acceleration strategies, turnover/ completions & commissioning activities, HR & recruitment.


Size of projects covered

We have either directly managed or been partially responsible for project ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. I have personally managed projects up to $42M in value. I have come in under budget and ahead of schedule, and this is what I believe we can help you as a client achieve. I have also managed international projects where different aspects have been managed in different countries


Our core team has over 50 years combined experience in engineering, hazardous area plants, aeronautical engineering, FMCG, materials handling and logistics, CSG/LNG, decommissioning, nuclear & manufacturing.



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