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Adam Chin
QA Regional Superintendent, Thiess Pty Ltd

Working with Andy on two of the Field Compressor Station (FCS) facilities for the QCLNG 18+4 Project (Upstream), I have had the pleasure of engaging with him on numerous engineering facets of the project. These interactions have exposed me to the wealth of engineering knowledge that Andy possess and the professional manner in which he conducts himself. As a senior engineer on these facilities, Andy is always available to provide mentoring and direction to those who actively seek it. Andy’s evaluation of the project requirements ensures that the work he produces is of the highest calibre and addresses all aspects of both engineering and project quality. Andy’s positive attitude and enthusiasm are conducive to a productive work environment and a cohesive team. I commend Andy on the involvement and effort that he has inputted into these projects, contributing to their ongoing success. I would recommend Andy to any company that is seeking a professional engineer who has an abundance of knowledge and an ability to lead.


September 2, 2014, Adam worked with Andy Nunn RPEQ (SMP) at Thiess

Nicholas Gibson
Managing Director - NPG Contracting

My time on GLNG Hub4 saw close interaction with Andy for structural steel co-ordination in design, fabrication, staged delivery and execution on site. Andy dealt with all aspects of this program of works with great diligence and high technical understanding. The works were well executed, on time and with a high level of quality control. I would engage Andy in future projects to manage SMP works given his good nature and professionalism in delivery.


October 14, 2015, Nicholas managed Andy Nunn RPEQ (SMP) indirectly at Downer

Austin Marsh
Project Manager - British Nuclear Fuels Ltd

Andy is a forward thinking professional project manager who delivers results time and time gain. Hard working and total committed to the task in hand, he also thinks of smart solutions to resolve engineering problems with the minimum of effort.

I look foward to working with him again in the near future.


August 7, 2013, Austin worked directly with Andy Nunn RPEQ (SMP) at BNFL

Derek Schock

Group Asset Manager at Teys Australia


I had the privilege of working with Simon on a new Waste water Treatment Plant Project in North Queensland for a period of approximately 6 months. Simon is proactive, responsible, result oriented and proficient in all aspects of project management and has exceptional troubleshooting and technical skills. Simon also has a great work ethic and is committed to getting the job done on time safely, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.
Simon is a great asset to any company.


October 15, 2015, Derek managed Simon as the client at Teys Pty Ltd

Ian McGrath

Chief Specialist Officer - Energy works

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