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Andy Nunn

A mechanical engineer by trade, time served with vast experience in various fields of engineering for 20+ years. 



Accountable and dependable, a fully certified Chartered Engineer Reg No. 2453441)  and RPEQ qualified (Reg No. 14003). I love my work, pride myself on integrity, being innovative and a “can do, will do” attitude as part of a multi-disciplinary team, being fully regulatory and customer compliant, who will deliver ahead of schedule and under budget, typically up to $30m. I have approximately 5 years experience within the tobacco industry within a manufacturing envronment, being responsible for contractor selection,  construction,  handover & commissioning of the $10m tobacco expansion facility at Imperial Tobacco in the UK. This included installation of conveyor and air handling systems. I also had materials handling experience at Incitec Pivot Ltd for the movement of fertilizers within a hazardous area facility. I have also been involved with the design reviews for the shipping port conveyors in Newcastle (1 km long).

Currently working in mining with BHP working in surface Engineering.


Construction Manager on Origin Energy expansion on the APLNG at the Origin Energy Taloona gas plant. We successfully installed 2-off metering skids & 1-off control skid with fully E&I integration and piping tie to the existing works. We achieved zero rework, 102 day LTI (total time on site) and despite issues with unidentified underground services, finished on time.  The works executed were in a brown field live gas plant expansion, operating under hazardous area regulations for operational live plant, with the exception of the final tie in. The Taloona team have been contractor of the month for the four consecutive months we were on site.



My particular specializations are in construction, risk management, project management and a trained HAZOP (1-5) facilitator. I have considerable experience within  structural, mechanical & piping installation both for hazardous and non-hazardous installations.



At SANTOS Hub 4, I assisted with the installation of the 10-off Enerflex HCS compressors & 3-off Gas Turbine Alternators. I was responsible for the installation of approximately 1500T of structural steel, including buildings and portal framed enclosures (completed under budget and two weeks ahead of schedule). At Thiess I was the responsible engineer for all SMP & E&I engineering works including  installation of 200T of structural steel (including  6-off, portal framed enclosures), 5.5km of above ground steel piping and installation all plant including the compressor installations (for both Field Compressor Stations Kate & Poppy), comprising Enerflex supplied (Howden WCVTA 510 screw compressors). Both these FCS’s were completed in record time and were the cheapest facilities completed out of the 17 FCS’s installed by Thiess. As with all installations such as these QA documentation and inspections are critical to a successful installation. I also have experience of compressor installations, including a full refit of a Dressor Rand 5 stage compressor,  installation, alignment, pre-commissioing & commissioning gained at Incitec Pivot Ltd. Typical standards worked to are API, ASME, AS/NZ & ISO standards for welding for structural, piping & vessel installations.


Additional experience throughout the entire project cycle from FEED, design, pre-commissioning, commissioning, handover and also decommissioning. I have worked on both greenfield and brown field projects, where additional consideration needs to be taken into account for existing systems and services integration. I have worked as an inspector for Lloyds register of shipping and in subsequent roles such as nuclear decommissioning where compliance is strictly adhered to. I have also managed from conception right through to commissioning for NNC relating to specialist laboratory complete refurbishment and also at Imperial Tobacco for the expansion facility at Imperial Tobacco.



Extensive experience in LNG/CSG, petrochemical, hazardous area facilities, maintenance & shutdown, bulk movement systems, such as conveyor systems and air lift systems.



I also volunteer to sit on the Engineers Australia review panel for Chartered Engineer appplications (time permitting). This involves reviewing candidates technical ability, their ability to demonstrate the correct principles, through personal experience gained in engineering.This is then followed up with an interview panel of relevant experts to assess suitabilty to promote Engineers Australia as a Chartered Engineer

Experienced in asset management for fixed & mobile plant, including building management. Fire system management for for all asset compliance.

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