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Standards Compliance

TEYS Australia engaged us to validate their clean energy uprade project cathodic protection  system for buried pipe.


We reviewed the design and  installation metodology and compliance in accordance with AS 2239 & AS 2832.1 and compiled the statutory form 9 application to the Goverment for the registration of cathodic protection systems.



Design Reviews & HAZOP studies

Incitec Pivot required several Hazard studies to be performed on proposed process modifications, to determine effectiveness at Gibson Island.


In addition HAZOP studies were carried out in the Geelong site for the proposed new gantry crane. This was to assess the potential issues that would impact on the facility.


At the Townsville site design facilitation & review for the proposed MCC upgrade. A design review of the new proposed new 1km long conveyor system including guarding requirements.


The Newcastle facility required a design review for one of their buildings which required extensive repairs due to the agressive nature of the  corrosion induce by chemical fertilisers.

Mechanical technical services

NPG Contracting engaged NCPE to provide technical expertise with regard to mechanical aspects of a clients project.


This involved compilation of technical data provided and a gap analysis of potential risks and associated mitigation strategies.

Tender submission for marine wharf maintenance

UGL required assessment of a marine wharf with regard to maintenance aspects and potential risks associated with current "fitness for purpose".


This has involved assessment of all documentation with regard to design, plant & equipment, structural integrity to name just a few aspects.



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