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An EXCELLent classic car

As Director of NCPE I was intrigued as to what drives Brian Excell, rather than what Brian drives, but I found that his shear passion and enjoyment of his hobbies is exactly why he is as good as he is. I'll let you decide from his blog and his beautifully resotred classic. Over to you Brian......

Having a passion for American vehicles started very early as a teenager with large chrome bumpers, shapely curves and tail fins with many purposeful configurations to keep an interest in the Cadillac brand name for a lifetime.

My adventures took place some seven years ago taking the opportunity to purchase my first 1960 Cadillac Coupe DeVille boasting a 390 GM motor with low mileage accompanied with a host of original features from the factory. This included power windows including the quarter vent windows, six way power seat, power steering, cold AC, and the ever curious electronic eye perched on the front dash. This feature is based on the high beam lights being controlled by the electronic sensor which dims the cars lights upon detection from approaching cars.

The passion to achieve a high standard started with the ability to search the American market for high quality spares and reproduction items. Coordinating and sourcing these spares from across the world is also reflected in the way I approach my working career with not accepting second best. Seeking local content with high quality tradesman (sub-contractor engagement) also formed part of my extensive search for a quality controlled delivery. The end result being a high-end outcome that is still functional without diverting away from factory specifications (built within the specified scope of works).

Budget control also played a key part with a firm understanding of value for money and what the market could provide. This is also a reflection of my career based outcomes delivering projects based on the same principles.

The results are clearly displayed via the attached detailed photo’s providing an appealing, historical American classic that will continue to live the test of time.

As you can see from the photo's Brian's 1960 Cadillac Coupe DeVille is outstanding, and testamount to his drive and dedication to do the best he can.

​Thanks Brian for the brief insight and fantastic photos.

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