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So I woke up one day and thought NCPE needs to be different, so I set about understanding what I was about. After a lot of thought about the purpose of NCPE I concluded that what NCPE is about is “passion”.

Where does this passion stem from?

Well passion stems from within us as individuals, therefore our passions directly impact on our work ethic. This is perfectly demonstrated with both Simon & Brian, their attention to detail is meticulous. This is why the NCPE website does not just make statements about our capability, but attempts to give an insight into our core team and how we can show the depth of our passion.

What is my passion?

I love motorbikes & MotoGP, and whilst it is not in the same league as Brian’s car or Simon’s passion for guns, I have had many motorbikes over the years but, currently I have a Yamaha R1 (2008) with the "screamer"engine

I have made several improvements to the bike:

  • Carbon fibre Yoshimura ¾ race exhaust with decat.

  • Full engine management override EJK computer with on bike adjustable fuel delivery.

  • Hi Flow K&N air filter

  • High performance rotors front and rear (still to be fitted)

  • Billet aluminium racing footrests and levers

  • Custom fairing kit painted in Valentino Rossi (9 times World MotoGP Champion) black & white colours

I am currently in the process of modifying a set of headlights with LED “angel eye” projector lights.

Given the “Italian influence” there are also green LED’s illuminating the engine and red LED’s illuminating the rear suspension at night.

The net result to the engine modifications is an increase of around 20 RWHP taking it to around 170 RWHP, with no “flat spot” at approximately 3000rpm.

I don’t get to take the bike out much but when I do, it’s a bit like being strapped to a guided missile.

My passion isn’t riding fast, but making my motorbike different and better is.

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